Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a Digital Transformation Strategist based in Stockholm.

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm an educator, speaker and workshop leader based in Stockholm. 


My mission is to teach people about the opportunities they have in the new Digital Economy.

That's why I love teaching Digital Social Studies; basic knowledge of how our external environment and our conditions are being changed by the rapid Digital Transformation of our societies and economies.

Secondly, I teach how this digital transformation changes peoples' Job Market and Career prospects; how the rapid pace of change makes it necessary for candidates to become independent, driven and innovative, in order to become attractive in ever-faster moving markets.

Thirdly, I teach how people can become attractive to, and bring value to Modern Organizations, by working in agile and collaborative ways, in Projects and in Teams, where they are part of creating Open and Innovative Company Cultures.

Finally, I teach Digital Business Development; how people, independently or in diversified specialist teams, can create innovation and new value for organizations. How they, as `Creative Knowledge Workers` and `Digital Craftspersons`, can contribute to developing well-thought-out products, services, and solutions, that possess technological height, that are user-friendly, that constitute good business and that can positively impact the lives of large numbers of people.

I am now looking for more assignments, so feel free to reach out to me!

Keynote talks & Workshops

(Swedish or English)

Introduction to

The new digital economy

An inspirational keynote talk for organizations that want an update on the possibilities that the new digital economy brings.  

Keywords: Massive Transformative Purpose, Exponential Speed of Change, 3 horizons of Growth, Trust Management, Digital Technologies, Design Thinking, Open Data, Growth Marketing, Prototyping, Failing Forward, Innovation Systems, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship.


Creating AN Efficienct team & Company culture

A keynote talk and workshop aimed to help organizations and teams create a culture of openness and trust, positivity, creativity, and sharing mentality.   

Keywords: Organisational Culture Design, Creating Effective Teams, Situation-Based Leadership, Feedback Culture, Prototyping Culture, Collaboration Preparation, Non-Violent Communication, Conflict Escalation Prevention.

Finding your professional path

A keynote talk and workshop aimed to help students and junior professionals identify their  professional preferences and goals, and then communicate these in a way which leads them to land their perfect job, start their own company, or perhaps becoming a consultant.

Keywords: Modern Organization, Modern Management, How to be an Attractive Candidate, Coping with Change, Personal Inventory, Decision-Making, Setting Goals, Career Preferences, Oral and Written Communication, Pitching & Selling. 

Creating A Growth Team

An inspirational keynote talk for companies and organizations that want to work in a data-driven way using Growth Marketing Techniques and Growth Team Processes, in order to increase Sales or to find Product-Market-Fit before scaling up their efforts.

Keywords: Growth Hacking, Growth Marketing, Growth Teams, Growth Tactics, Conversion funnel, Funnel Analysis, Growth Engines, Hacking Growth, Startup Metrics, Scaleup Companies, A/B Testing, Growth Culture, Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation.


Stuff I share

Career canvas

The Career Canvas is helpful for anyone who is looking to define their next career step. Get it here for free. 

Programmer canvas

What kind of programmer are you? The Programmer Canvas can help you find out. Get it here for free. 


"Today is the slowest rate of technological change you will ever experience"

Jonathan McDonald

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"The talk created a lot of interesting discussions that I am sure will echo in our boardroom in the year to come" 

- Jonathan Danemo, Digital Strategist at Smartson

"Mike gave our participants a super-appreciated digital crash-course, with a lot of hands-on knowledge, they were talking about it for days afterwards!"

- Ishtar Touailat, Head Of Innovation Incubation at Tieto Data-Driven Business

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