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The Career Canvas (7 - Industry)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

In this section, we'll take a look at what kind of Industry think you'll want to work in.

A lot of candidates actually never really make a conscious choice of which industry it it they want to become a part of. For example, a person might decide to become a Salesperson, but will then leave it up to chance whether they will be selling Insurance, Phone subscriptions, or Computers. They don't wholly decide on their futures, but instead leave a lot up to chance. After a few years, it's possible to think envision that a specialist insurance salesperson might be inspired to move on to become something like an insurance legislation specialist, a phone subscription salesperson might have an opportunity to move on to become something like a telecom systems specialist, and a Computer salesperson might advance to be come something like a technical software analyst.

Another person might decide to become a Mechanic, but will let fate decide whether they will specialise in Cars, Motorcycles, or Trucks. After a few years, it's possible to think that someone who fully focuses on cars might work in a Formula 1 racing team, someone who focuses on motorcycles might work with personally testing dirt bikes, and someone who focuses on trucks might work in an indoor factory load-testing big truck batteries.

Some example Industries:

My philosophy is that the more detailed choices you can make for yourself, the better. Because when you know what you want to do and have a plan for how to get there, you are instantly much more attractive than all of the other candidates, who leave it their futures up to chance.

So which industry do you think would be the best match for you? Some traditional industries are Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Banking, Education, Technology, Energy, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Telecom, IT, Transport, Manufacturing, Construction, Electronics, or Pharma.

Of course, there are more, so many that it's impractical for me to try to list them all here. That's why you should look inside yourself, or do some external research on your own to find what suits you the most. Perhaps you have a hobby or interest that might steer you in some direction? If you for example already know that you want to work with graphic design, and you now also come to think of how much you like playing video games, you might chose to set your sights on the video game industry. If you specifically know that you want to work with console games rather than PC or mobile games, you can define that too. And if you have a special love for playing Sony PS4 games, you might state that you primarily want to work with PS exclusive titles rather than Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo Wii titles.

You can use your personal preferences to arrive at your choice, or you can think about it strategically. Perhaps you can think of an industry that you have reason to believe is on the rise. As an example, you might have decided on becoming an accountant, but have no idea of what industry to work in. But when you think about it, you realise that you're living in a part of the world where the temperature is high most of the year, and you remember reading several articles on how the price of solar cells is going down. That might inspire you to go into the Energy industry and work with companies in the Solar Power Industry. And all of a sudden you're more interesting as a candidate for these kinds of companies, compared to all of the other candidates, who don't really care what kind of company they will do bookkeeping for.

-The Tech dimension

One final note you also might want to consider that today, technology is permeating every industry imaginable, which creates new, specialised industries that you can aim for.

Startups are creating new solutions for for example bank payments, online purchases, or mobile phone payments. All of these technologies have become grouped into the industry of "FinTech"; short for "Financial Technologies". And the FinTech Industry is huge.

In the same way, there are a lot of new apps and services that help people to learn a new language, or that are trying to teach kids to become better at math. All of these sort under "EdTech", or Educational Technologies.

New legal services sort under LegalTech. Online gaming, PC, and console gaming? That's GameTech. For anything related to food and beverages, you have FoodTech. Environmental issues? Some people call it GreenTech, others prefer to call it CleanTech. For the advertising business, you have AdTech, short for Advertising technologies, or sometimes MadTech, short for Marketing-and-Advertising Technologies. For Public Relations people, you have PRTech. There is AgriTech for Agriculture solutions, BioTech for biological innovations. There is MedTech for Medical Technologies, or sometimes HealthTech. You have InsurTech for anything related to the Insurance business, RetailTech for stores that sell consumer goods, PropTech for anything related to Properties and housing, and CivicTech for issues that has to do with how we live as citizens in society. There is TravelTech for the Travel business, HorseTech for anything related to horseriding, PetTech for anything related to pets and BabyTech for anything related to toddlers.

And more are popping up all the time. So don't limit yourself to what you already know. Look at the world around you and see if you can find new possibilities for industries that are on the rise. What's happening in your city for example when it comes to 5G wireless networks, Micromobility or Relaxation Beverages? Is there new demand for Diversivity in hiring, Workplace Wellness Services, or Anti-Cyberbullying solutions? How far along are companies when it comes to things like UAV's, Augmented Reality, or Personalised shopping?

Take 10 minutes and try to decide on an Industry you feel you want to work in.

Example texts:

"I want to work as psychologist, since my biggest passion is in delving deeper into how the human mind works. But rather than working clinically, I think I want to work in the corporate world, to help companies evaluate candidates that they are looking to hire. I especially want to do this for Gaming Companies, since I have played PC games since I was little and I would love to take part in the making of great games, by helping them hire the best game developers and talents. I look forward to being able to work on a daily basis with people who have the same hobbies and interests that I do."

"I want to work as a Museum Curator, and use my passion for antiques, art and design to create amazing exhibitions and experiences for museum visitors. Since I'm a Virtual Reality enthusiast, having put hundreds of hours into playing around with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, I would like to specialise in creating virtual exhibitions. I can see that virtual and augmented reality is being used more and more all over the world as the technologies are becoming cheaper and more easily accessible and I think they will have a great future."
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